Car/Locomotive/Bicycle Smart phone holde 2021-08-08

Amazing Suction DIY aMulti-functional Car holder for wisdom mobile phone / Car video recorder / Tablet pc
Products hold patents in multi-countries (Taiwan, China, Europe, Americas, Japan, etc.)
Special material + Unique solid joint design + Adjustable to any angle  Super strong
suction base. The base is guaranteed against breakage.   Super strong patented suction base
Suction cup locks and holds up to 100 kg(stays up after suction and cannot be removed with  simple arm strength). For short holding
period (few days),the cup can hold up to 25 kg. Recommended weight range for long holding period is under 8 kg. Appropriate holding
period depends on surrounding conditions and installation operation.    It is applicable to any smart phones/ipads or for
holding and protection of traffic recorders, GPS, internet surfing, Bluetooth, etc.           Smart Phone = GPS + Traffic Recorder

Acetabula: All the bargain can be canceled by returning the money within 30 days if the quality of products is not satisfactory。